Who am I?

The most stubborn individual you may know. I will always have a comeback to any of your topics. Really now, just test me! Currently living in Melbourne, I do enjoy a good healthy brunch, not so much into alcohol but I know some good bubble tea joints that we can try.

Best ways to Contact me:

Well how about that? You actually stayed and followed my advice to start with this page. Good for you, mate!

I am new to this blogging online thingy, I may have to change things along the way. Please, ass face and share your feedback whenever something doesn’t feel right. At this moment, the intention is to separate the personal web page from the blog page to keep my personal life stories somehow separate from the more serious / official subjects I would tackle along the way.

Without further ado, I present to you this charming character named Alex. Yup, that’s me in the picture. It’s not the greatest image I had, but I kindof like it. Anywho, I was born in Piatra Neamt, a rather small mountain city in eastern Romania. 18 years after that I moved to Bucharest, the capital city, to finish my studies and “do something with my life” (roughly translation on the advice we all have received sometime in our life). I will fast-forward the story to October 2018, the date when I packed whatever was important in my life and decided to fly 14.951- ish km on the other side of this World, to Melbourne Australia. This will be my new home, for now.

As I said above, I am going to share some valuable information on topics like migration to Australia, travel around Victoria, pet sitting or house sitting, Romanian homemade food or FIRE lifestyle. You are interested? … say no more. Oh, one more itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny little thing: do us all a favor and bookmark this page (you can even go ahead and press follow) and lets enjoy life, one day at the time. And yes coffee, don`t forget about coffee!

What I do most of my days?

  • Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant
  • Dog and House sitter
  • Visit Victoria state and help people plan their vacations
  • BBQ cook-host for small private functions (parties)
  • learn about FIRE – a journey towards financial independence

All my projects:

Skilled Visa migration to Australia
Last couple of year, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) have outperformed in fine-tuning their site, making it extremely user-friendly. Don’t get me wrong, the process of obtaining a visa (Skilled Visa Permanent or Temporary, Student Visa, Partner Visa, Travel Visa) may sometime be very time-consuming and missing on minor detail can make a huge difference in the economy of this project, but it is not an impossible task to overcome. Keep on following the site and let me share my experience, with … click for more.

Dog & House sitter
With Joy being back home, I have to say I miss the old times spending long hours in the park, playing around. There is no other experience that can replace our bound but I know for sure that offering to spend my time with your dog, big or small / old or young, brings just about the right comfort for me to keep going my life away from my pet. Have a look at the dedicated section on my page here and why not, reach out to me if … click for more.

Visit Victoria, personal and customized planner
You finished your Tourist Visa application, all the paperwork is done and now you have to start planing for the big trip. That should be fun and by no means, easy to do if your have all the time to spend reading the Google reviews, blogs, forums, etc. Lets be honest, who has all that? Why don’t you let me help you with this part. Based on my experiences, I can offer you something like a tourist welcoming pack, containing all the essentials (and most of all, excluding all the deal-breakers): mobile SIM, public transport card, a list of all the best attractions in and around Melbourne city, one (or more) customized maps to just open in your Google Maps and start driving without stressing too much on missing something important … and the list can continue. I have spent already 1,5 years in Melbourne and I have visited more places than the locals which I think … click for more.

Your personal BBQ cook to cater for your party?
I am not a professional cook (that’s why I’m not calling myself a Chef) but I do enjoy cooking for me, my friends and family. From this hobby, an idea has just started: why can’t you just focus on your guests, enjoying all the time in their company and let me do the hard work. Nowadays you can order from UberEats or Deliveroo or any other similar services, but aren’t you tired of the same fast-food-like dishes that are not too bad bot not great either? How about a fresh BBQ in your backyard with whatever ingredients you like or perhaps a Romanian influenced grill party? … click for more.