My life, my story

My life, my story

Going through the short intro on Who am I? seems that made you want from more. I know I’m lacking some writing skills here & there, but this is a journey and I am ready to take each day as it comes, each post or page as it is. Hoping you still have leftover coffee from the other article (if not, now would be the time to refill the cup) I would like to share a bit more context to what my case looked like before embarking to this journey called Australia.

From the start, this project was a big challenge. The amount of information found on Google + the huge pile of cases of submitted and pending for a resolution, without a clear and concise pattern to follow, can put some shade on everyone’s morale regardless of how confident that person may be. Happily, it didn’t apply to me. I had a goal in mind and that goal was to obtain the Permanent Residency visa no matter the difficulties encountered along the way. Being helped also by the instability Romania was passing by at the time (politically and economically) I built a “Pros vs Cons” list to help with the decision. This way, I could rely on real facts (as I always said, better to let your mind decide what’s best for your heart) and less on emotions. Officially, January 2016 was the start of the process (I did spent at least 2 years prior to that just analyzing and gathering as much data as possible). This was me, before I have started the process:

  • Skilled Independent Visa – subclass 190
  • Points claimed: 75 + 5
  • AGE – 30 points (I was 31 when we applied)
  • ENGLISH level – 10 points | IELTS 7 (L – 7, R – 7.5, S – 7, W – 7) | May 13th, 2016
  • SKILL ASSESSMENT – 25 points | ACS (Australian Computer Science) | mid September, 2016 – October 20th, 2016
    • Work experience – 15 points | ANZSCO: 262111 (Database Administrator) with 8 years & 10 months
    • Studies qualification10 points | AQF Bachelor’s degree with a major in computing
  • PARTNER – 5 points | skill assessment done by VETASSESS + IELTS 7
  • STATE SPONSORSHIP – 5 points | Victoria state | mid August, 2017
  • EOI – Positive | mid May, 2017 – July 07, 2017
  • VISA INVITE application – Skilled Nominate – subclass 190 | late August, 2017 – October 23rd, 2017 | Direct Grant
  • IED (Initial Entry Date) – Visa activation | early February, 2018
  • TBM (The Big Move)October 23rd, 2018

Having it all written on paper, structured and with bullet points, doesn’t seem that hard, does it? In reality, it’s not hard as long as you “do your homework”, listen to everyone’s case, gather and compile multiple sets of information (always and I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS rely on official data), are prepared mentally and phisically and are ready to invest time and money for this project. Oh, let’s not forget, patience must really be the biggest quality you have to have.

When you feel like you are overwhelmed by the process or your case is particular in a way hard to find answers to all your questions or maybe time is a luxury you don’t have and money is not a problem, the best starting point will be a MARA representative. Be careful with choosing only the certified agents and budgeting this extra cost .. it will not be cheap. On the other had, a specialized official is the way to go when your entire family future is at stake. You can try looking for some answers (if you are a Romanian like me) from the Australian Consulate in Bucharest, but would not hold my breath on it.

I have done it, using ONLY research and self study. Things got better since I’ve applied so there seems to be nu actual reason for you not to succeed. In the articles to follow, I will only share personal details from my PR journey. Every year, there are small changes so, use my case with caution and, as said above, look for official documentation. Don’t despair, if you are stuck or in need from moral boost / motivation, go ahead and contact me. I will be there for you!

All the information provided on this blog (this page included) should be regarded as purely informative. I am not a professional authorized migration agent (MARA certified). Please be warned that you should always seek authorized help through official channels. I can’t emphasize more on the fact that:

  • I am not a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) certified representative
  • I am not representing any migration agency or entity in this line of business
  • I am not a member of the Parliament nor am I part of the staff of on Parliament member
  • I am not a member of a diplomatic / consular mission

After reading all the above, if you are determined to take this challenge but you feel somehow unsure about the process, despair not as you can be guided by:

A sarcastic Romanian quote: if you can’t do it, at least don’t stop others from do it

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, Wisdom is looking both directions anyway