My Pawshake stories

I’m Lola, the “Duracell” equivalent of dogs. Throw me a ball and I will fetch it for you regardless of where we gonna play: backyard, open field, ocean or sandy beach. Incredible pup to work with. It will drain your energy to 0 if you think you can compete with her. A bit shy at first, Lola will constantly look back waiting for her “mum” Silvia to join the party. She will need a bit of time to adjust with the new sitter, but show her you mean well and you are there to make the day fun and she will soon join you. Sometimes she is a bit cheeky and will stop whatever she was doing (mostly when doing walks) and will lay down or fake a pee. Try to resist the puppy eyes or drama queen act and she will continue otherwise (can you really? just look at that cute face) you’ll end up taking her in your arms. Be prepared to be licked on your entire face … believe me, she doesn’t spare any inch.

Continue to throw the ball (and always prepare the 2nd one cause it’s always an exchange) and you’ll have a happy pup for the entire day. Be prepare to have water for her (lots of it) and energy drinks (or bars) for you. Sharing a piece of plain ol’ grilled chicken breast / tights and the friendship will become even stronger.

She is a bit barky, especially after a long session of play time and will get triggered mostly by loud noises (like bikers, rollers, skateboarders). Keeping her close and correcting her always did the trick for me and I can call it a victory whenever I had less than 5 barks on a full day.

Last but not least, Silvia is very communicative, easy going and (the same as Lola, who would’ve guest?) full of energy. I really enjoyed working with this couple and would definitely do it again, with the next occasion.


< 1 year


Kelpie mix





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