My Pawshake stories

You`ll do what I ask

This is Frank, a senior dog with a grumpy attitude … at first. Don’t be fooled by the small size & judgemental look, there is a lot of experience behind those eyes and “trust” is a must before he will show you his true personality. This little one comes from an abusive family which makes him a very special case for me. All my gratitude goes to Terje, his new mom, who opened her heart and her house to him. A bit grumpy and hesitant at first, Frank will take his time to get to know you and only when he will be positive that all is OK, he will then show you his true soul. A very happy, full of life and playful dog that has a lot to offer and doesn’t seems to ask much in return. Once again, big thumbs-up to Terje for her dedication. She is very easy to communicate with, energetic and full of joy .. a great adoptive fur-mum by my standards.


< 10 year






Young soul

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