My Pawshake stories

This lovely girl’s name is Zoi. She is the “child” of Christina and there seems to be no better connection like these two have. I can’t be happier I was fortunate enough to meet them both.Even though we are talking about a Siberian Husky, known for being difficult to train, Zoi seems to be unique in this way. Not saying she’s not stubborn, I am just saying she learns very fast all the procedures, she knows the basics (and even follows them when she’s in the mood) and seems that she never gets tired of learning new tricks (treats do come very handy). I can’t recommend her enough to any dog sitter out there (even though I would really like to keep it just for me). Full of energy, always ready to follow that “damn pink ball”, very intelligent and extremely charismatic, Zoi is extremely easy to work with. A bit of a drama queen when looking for attention, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Very puffy and soft at touch, with just enough manners to stand out from the crowd. Cleanest dog ever for which a big shout goes to Christina, one of the most protective and caring “dog mum” I have had the pleasure to work with. Hope to meet you girls again!


< 1 year


Siberian Husky




Fluffiness overload

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