My Pawshake stories

My Pawshake stories

So I imagine you have finished reading through my profile and you were now just about to ask for my help, but before that, you were kind of curious about my have I already worked with. I get it, I am still a “stranger on the internet”; by all means, please, have a look at how happy the following doggy-faces are (except Frank, he has a different way of showing happiness) and I am positive you will contact me to setup our initial meet&greet session. I would really encourage, before going further, to setup a short meeting (me – you – lucky dog) and discuss about what are your needs and what I can offer. Compatibility is the key and I can’t stress enough on this aspect.

Let’s not waste any more time … go ahead, click on any dog pictures below and enjoy reading!

Ferne – the fighter
Cookie – the labradoodle
Lola – the drama queen
Zoi – the fluffy
Frank – the grumpy
Boomer – the muscles

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