Book me @ Pawshake

Book me @ Pawshake

Hello world and welcome to my Pawshake dog sitting homepage – your dog`s best friend in Melbourne

You are here because, most likely, the information provided on the Pawshake app is not really descriptive enough (sometimes even confusing). Don’t you worry about that … just have a look at the below step-by-step instructions and you will find answers to all your questions. It is going to be a long read, but this is the only way everyone would comfortably know what is to be done as a first time user of this app.

Before contacting me, please do have a look at [All services and rates] section. I strive on keeping this section as updated as possible (regarding prices for my services and availability):

step 1: from my Pawshake Profile page, click [All services and rates] to expand it
step 2: a list of all my Services as well as an updated view on my Availability (Calendar)

Now that you have an idea of when and how I can be of help, you are ready to contact me on Pawshake by pressing [Contact Alexandru] green button which will redirect you to a page, with 3 option to choose from. Obviously, the easiest option will be to use your Facebook account to Log In to Pawshake:

  • [Continue with Facebook]: this will log you on Pawshake using your Facebook account
  • [Sign up with Email]: this will guide you through the process of creating a new Pawshake account
  • [Already have a Pashake account Log In]: this will give you access to connect with your existing account
step 3: click on Contact Alexandru
step 4: Log In / Sign Up on Pawshake app

Once logged on, you can continue with choosing the service, time-frame and couple of details about your needs (please chose the preferred service in order for me to share the exact price, time etc):

step 5: choose the closest Service you need
step 6: fill in all the details in the Contact Form

For a better understanding of what my services will include (but will not be limited to), I have shared below a short description on each and every one. I am a reasonable person with a lot of flexibility at hand. If your situation is particular (outside of the available options, please share the details with me and let me find the perfect solution):

Dog walking

  • collect your dog from home and take him/her for a 30 – 45 min walk
  • 10$ / dog + 5$ for each additional dog

Home Visits (based on location)

  • visit your home to feed and play with your pets
  • 10$ / visit + 5$ for each additional visit

Doggy Day / Night Care

  • daytime care (9am up to 9pm) for your dog or puppy at the sitter’s home or overnight care (9pm up to 9am) for your dog or puppy at the sitter’s home
  • food / water / medication
  • play time (with fav toy)
  • 3+ walks in park / city / backyard (based on age and restrictions)
  • 35$ / 12h + 15$ for each additional dog

Dog Home Boarding

  • full 24h care (9am up to 9am) for your dog or puppy at the sitter’s home
  • food / water / medication
  • play time (with fav toy)
  • 3+ walks park / city / backyard (based on age and restrictions)
  • 50$ / 24h + 15$ for each additional dog

After sending the message, you will be contacted by me in (1-2h) and we will, together, sort out all the details. The next step will be to secure the service by making a booking from my profile page, pressing [Book Now] (if this is a recurring booking and we already know all the details, you can skip [Contact Alexandru] part and go directly with the [Book Now]):

step 7: When ready, go ahead and press Book Now button
step 8: fill in all the correct details for the Booking before pressing Continue

The Booking process is similar with [Contact Alexandru] with fewer details needed:

  • Service – the type of help needed from my side (see the list above with all the services I can offer)
  • Dates – please chose the most accurate time needed for me to help you

That would be all. Wasn’t that hard after all but I am grateful for the time you have spent looking on this step-by-step. I can only hope I made things a bit clearer now. You can always get in touch with me here on my blog directly, by going to Contact me section. Don’t forget to have a look at My Pawshake stories to see all the lovely dogs I have worked with so far.

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